Drug Testing Ascent Urgent Care

Ascent Urgent Care is ready to help with all your drug testing needs. Just click the link for necessary paperwork. Drug tests are a mandatory for many forms of employment. No appointment is necessary and walk-in patients are accepted. Our clinical labs are onsite, which means we can process results faster. The usual turnaround time for results is a couple of days. All our locations can provide results within minutes for rapid drug testing. Our drug testing services can also be included in an employer’s occupational health care program.

Never Had a Drug Test Before? Here is What You Can Expect

Drug testing is a simple process. All you need to do is provide a urine sample. When you arrive for your test and fill out the appropriate paperwork, we provide you with a container and direct you to a private room where you can provide a sample. It is suggested to be well hydrated before arriving for a drug test; however, water is provided if you need it. You may be asked to remove items from your pockets and extra outer clothing in order to ensure there is no tampering with the test results. These will be returned to you when you have provided the sample cup to an employee.

Remember that drug tests can detect any drugs in your system, including prescription medications. Be sure to inform your tester of any legal medications that may show up in your test results.

Pre-Employment Physical

Ensure Your Applicants Are Suited for the Job Ascent Urgent Care wants you to be properly prepared for your new position. Ascent Urgent Care recognizes the importance of a pre-employment physical. These medical exams help employers ensure their applicants’ physical abilities. If your company is interested in having potential employees undergo physicals, refer your applicants to AUC.

Our pre-employment physical exam includes:

  • Alcohol and drug (on request).
  • Hearing and vision testing.
  • Flexibility and strength testing.
  • Review of medical history.

Pre-employment exams can determine if your applicants are suitable for the job and decrease the possibility of future on-the-job injuries. Referring your potential employees to us can help ensure their health and the legal protection of your company.

Helping You Receive Results as Soon as Possible

AUC has always been committed to providing non-emergency medical services in the most effective manner. We can work efficiently to help you ensure the health and ability of your applicants so they can start work as soon as possible. Our urgent care medical staff even offers on-site lab testing to deliver fast, reliable results. We’re fully equipped to provide these exams seven days a week with no appointment necessary. Our extended weeknight and weekend hours give your applicants time to fit the exam into their schedules.

Immigration Exam

Ascent Urgent Care offers you quick and easy access to all necessary forms.

Official Physicals for Green Card Registration

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) require green card and US citizenship applicants to receive a full physical. The physicians of Ascent Urgent Care can fulfill this requirement for you. Just bring your Form I-693 to the nearest AUC clinic and we will make sure you’re taken care of.

Why You Need a Physical for Citizenship

A physical is required for citizenship and green card requests so that you can receive vaccinations for any diseases you would be at risk for in the United States. The exam also ensures you do not carry any diseases or conditions that would prevent you from obtaining citizenship.

Several vaccinations* and tests are required during the immigrant physical, including:

  • Quantiferon TB testing.
  • Mumps vaccine.
  • Rotavirus vaccine.
  • Rubella vaccine.
  • Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines.
  • Meningococcal vaccine.
  • Varicella vaccine.
  • Pneumococcal vaccine.
  • Polio vaccine.
  • Syphilis blood test.
  • Gonorrhea urine test.
  • Influenza vaccine - Seasonal.
  • Diphtheria vaccine.
  • etanus vaccine.
  • Measles vaccine.
  • Pertussis vaccine.
  • *Vaccinations are subject to location. We recommend calling ahead..

If you have a copy of your vaccination records, we will be able to review them and determine if further vaccinations are needed. If you do not have your vaccination records, the doctor can take a blood test to prove that you have been immunized. Be sure to bring a valid form of ID so that we can verify your identity.

All locations require an appointment for immigration physical. Please call ahead to confirm the requirements of your location.

Sport and School Physical

Sports/School Physicals

Prepare for the Upcoming Year with Ascent Urgent Care. Just click the PDF link for your sports physical form. Most schools and sports teams require children to undergo a physical before the new school year starts. These exams assess a child’s health to ensure that they are physically fit to go to school or participate in athletic activities.

If the school year is coming up quick and you haven’t had time to schedule an appointment with your regular pediatrician, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

The Importance of Sports Physicals

Physical activity is great for children, but it is important to have their physical condition assessed to make sure they aren’t at serious risk for injury. One of the most important parts of the sports physical is examining the strength of the heart. Though it is rare, some children are born with a heart condition that can go undetected during regular physicals. Strenuous physical activity can trigger a serious cardiac event which could be fatal. Thankfully, heart condition screening is something that is offered in most sports physicals and can help prevent this from happening.

Our physicians can also provide parents and athletes with tips on how to prevent injury, including instructions simple stretches and exercises that can be done before a game or practice.

DOT Exam

Get Your DOT Physical Today

Walk into Your Nearest Ascent Urgent Care® Clinic Under federal law, all commercial motor vehicle drivers (CMV) are required to receive a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical at least once every two years. CMV drivers could potentially cause significant injury to themselves or others if they are not physically fit to operate a vehicle for long periods, which is why these physicals are of the utmost importance.

You don’t need to wait for an opening with your primary care physician to receive a DOT physical.

What to Expect During the DOT Physical

When you arrive for your DOT physical, be sure to bring a list of your current medications. If possible, it is also recommended you bring a copy of your most up-to-date medical records, including information on any hearing or vision disorders. These conditions do not automatically rule you out for a successful. DOT physical, but keeping them hidden from a physician could result in serious consequences later on.

DOT physicals follow a plan laid out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety.

Administration (FMCSA), and will test for the following:

  • Vision disorders.
  • Hearing disorders.
  • High or low blood pressure.
  • Diabetes Lung disease.
  • Vascular disorders.
  • Physical disability.
  • Neurological disorders.

Digital X-Rays

Walk-In Today for a Convenient Imaging Test

We are always looking to take urgent care services to the next level at Ascent Urgent Care. As part of that effort, all of our clinics have been outfitted with digital x-ray services for a more comprehensive healthcare experience. We transitioned to a state-of-the-art; digital x-ray system to improve the quality of images, process results faster, and provide more accurate diagnostics.

All images are available to you via email for convenient viewing.

Some types of x-rays we are capable of performing:

  • Upper Extremities: fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, humerus, radius.
  • Lower Extremities: toes, foot, ankle, leg, knee, tibia, femur.
  • Chest / Lungs.
  • Spine: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar.
  • Skull: Head, Nose.
  • Abdominal.
  • Pelvis / Hips.


All conditions in rheumatology. Qualified and experience rheumatologist on staff. Why suffer with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Polymyalgia or Dupuytren’s contracture , call us for information about rheumatology.

Electronic Medical Records

It is easy to get a copy of your Medical Record in Ascent Urgent Care. All what you need is ask us.